My experience at Between GA DMV office – Widows

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Widows

Your Experience: An older woman came to obtain a Georgia ID, and or drivers license. She had two forms of ID,a out of state drivers license(up to date), certified birth certificate, social security card,medicare card. She also had proof of Georgia residency.
She was told she needed a death certificate for her husband, who died over 18 years ago, to verify her married name. Her out of state license,social security card, medicare care, bank statements, proof of residency items,  had her married name on them. She then drove to Atlanta, and obtained a copies of her husband’s death certificate, birth certificate, coroners report from the funeral home. This still did not satisfy one of your employees,who acted loud, with her announcements,singing,and statements,very unprofessional,obviously there must be any required training for this position, there an intercom to use, hollering out to the applicants,real classy. It is stated on the internet DMV site and in the manual what is needed for verification. It’s a shame your employee seems to be on a such a power trip of authority, also she I suggest she read the DMV manual,because when she pointed out the reason why the senior couldn’t get her license, she pointed to the 18 and  under requirement section.
The wait time was great,and the employees acted professional,but this employee,you’ve lowered your standard of employment,loud,low class. The elder lady went to a different DMV, and had no such problem.
Your DMV Office City: Between
Your DMV Office State: Georgia
Your Wait Time: 15 minutes
Time: December 2, 2015 at 11:47 pm

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