Typical identification documents needed to obtain a drivers license

The identification documents needed to obtain a driver’s license may vary slightly depending on the state where you are applying, but in general, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Proof of identity: This document confirms your identity and typically includes a government-issued photo ID such as a passport, state-issued ID card, or birth certificate. Some states may also accept other forms of ID, such as a Social Security card, immigration documents, or a military ID.
  2. Proof of residency: This document shows your current address and typically includes a utility bill, lease agreement, or other official document that lists your name and address.
  3. Social Security card: You may need to provide your Social Security card or a document that shows your Social Security number, such as a W-2 form.
  4. Proof of citizenship or legal status: If you were not born in the United States, you may need to provide additional documentation to show that you are a legal resident or citizen, such as a green card or naturalization certificate.
  5. Payment: You will need to pay a fee to obtain your driver’s license.

It’s important to note that the specific identification documents required may vary by state and by the type of driver’s license you are applying for (e.g., learner’s permit, standard driver’s license, commercial driver’s license). It’s best to check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to confirm the exact documents you will need to provide.

In most states you must present at least two (2) forms of identification to obtain your drivers license before completing your written and driving exam.

At least one of the documents must be from the Primary document list.

PRIMARY document list

US born: US Birth Certificate or Registration of Birth (Hospital issued not acceptable; foreign place of birth see Non-US Born)
US Passport or Passport Card

Non-US born: Foreign Passport w/ supporting documents (See Legal Presence noted below)*
Certificate of Naturalization*
Certificate of Citizenship*
Permanent Resident Card*
U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad (Issued by the Department of State)


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