How to schedule my son a drivers license permit testing appt at Winterset IA DMV Office.

A) To schedule your son a driver’s license permit testing appointment at the Winterset IA DMV Office, you can do the following:

  • Call the DMV office at (515) 462-1542.
  • Visit the DMV office’s website at
  • Use the Iowa DMV’s online appointment scheduler at

When you schedule an appointment, you will need to provide your son’s name, date of birth, and Social Security number. You will also need to provide the date and time of your appointment.

The Winterset IA DMV Office is located at:

  • 112 John Wayne Dr
  • Winterset, IA 50273
  • Phone: (515) 462-1542

The DMV office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Your son will need to bring the following items to his driver’s license permit testing appointment:

  • A valid form of identification, such as a birth certificate or passport
  • Proof of residency, such as a utility bill or lease agreement
  • Proof of insurance
  • A completed application form
  • A fee of $25

Your son will need to pass a vision test and a written test in order to obtain a driver’s license permit. The written test consists of 25 questions, and he must answer 20 questions correctly in order to pass.

If your son passes the written test, he will be issued a driver’s license permit. He will need to practice driving with a licensed driver for at least 50 hours before he can take the driving test.

The driving test consists of a series of maneuvers that your son will need to perform in order to pass. The maneuvers include parallel parking, backing up, and turning.

If your son passes the driving test, he will be issued a driver’s license. He will be able to drive on his own after he receives his driver’s license.

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