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My experience at Boyle County KY DMV office – Anonymous

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Anonymous
Your Experience: I called on a Wednesday to inquire about the days they offer a driving test.  She told me Monday and Thursday.  I told her we were from out of county and would like to come there to avoid taking the child out of school on the first day of school for a driver’s test.  She gave me another number to call.  The lady was very short with me and acted like I was a bother to her for calling and asking questions.  I called the number she gave me multiple times and there was no answer.  I called the original lady back at 859-239-7456 and asked if I had the correct number.  She said they are only there on days of testing.  I again told her I was from out of county and again she acted like I was a bother to her.  She said we would need a letter of release from our current county.  I went to the local courthouse, picked up the release form, the information card was placed in a sealed envelope and released to Boyle County.  The day of testing I called Boyle County and the lady told me they do not test people under 18 from other counties.  After the parent took off work and we made plans for this, we were not able to follow through.  The man at Mercer County was very helpful, but the lady at Boyle was less than professional.  Another lady I know called the same day I did and received the same treatment from Boyle county.  This is uncalled for.  Do we not pay taxes to support their salaries?  I live in Boyle County and work in Mercer, so I feel good about supporting both counties, but expect a little professional treatment in return.
Your DMV Office City: Boyle County
Your DMV Office State: Kentucky
Your Wait Time: N/A

Time: July 30, 2015 at 8:25 am

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