My experience at Easthampton MA DMV office – Anony

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Anonymous
Your Experience: I had taken a road test at Greenfield previously, and the person there was far more respectful than the rude employee, Phil, at this Easthampton branch. I later found out that he had been transferred from the Greenfield branch because he had so many bad complaints against him, on his rudeness, and excessive ‘driving standards’. It turns out that the Greenfield RMV had blatantly lied to everyone who complained, saying that they fired him, when in fact they only transferred him so that those who don’t know better can continue suffering at this nasty man’s hands.

His ‘driving standards’ consist of being entirely picky on all the details, even ones which only existed in his mind. For example, during parallel parking, I know I am supposed to only look behind my right shoulder, which I did. I glanced at the other car’s bumper once to ensure that it is in line with my passenger door, so I could turn my wheel to the left and slide in. Phil marked this as a mistake, since he said I looked in the mirror once, and gave no room for negotiation.

Please fire him, once and for all.
Your DMV Office City: Easthampton
Your DMV Office State: MA
Your Wait Time: 30 minutes

Time: April 13, 2015 at 3:59 pm

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