Made an appointment for 9, I arrived early, 25 minutes past my appointment time still not seen.

Q) I made an appointment for 9 I arrived early as they suggested and while no one was here when I arrived everyone that came in got seen it was 25 minutes past my appointment time and still not seen. Why make an appointment if they can’t keep them. If we were 10 min late we would t be seen or put to the back or rescheduled. Get it figured out or hire more u require the appointment times so let’s try harder to keep them.

A) I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience at the Storm Lake, IA DMV Office. I don’t have access to specific information about your appointment or the organization you were visiting. However, I understand that it can be frustrating to have to wait past your scheduled appointment time.

It’s important to note that unexpected delays can happen in any service setting due to a variety of reasons, such as unexpected issues with other customers or technical difficulties. That being said, DMV offices should strive to minimize delays and respect their customers’ time by keeping to their scheduled appointment times as much as possible.

If you feel that your time is not being respected, you may want to consider speaking with the office manager or administrator to express your concerns. They may be able to offer an explanation for the delay or suggest ways to prevent it from happening in the future.

In the meantime, you may also want to consider bringing a book or other activity to keep yourself occupied while you wait. Again, I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience and I hope that your future appointments are more timely and efficient.

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