Can I bring a Handicapped Person in a wheelchair to receive a Non-Driver’s License?

Q) I am writing for the DMV located at 1625 Highland Avenue, Cheshire, CT 06410 to contact me if I can bring a Handicapped Person in a wheelchair to receive a Non-Driver’s License? This individual will need to have a LEGITIMATE OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION PHOTO ID, so that Legal Paper Work can be notarized! Does the Cheshire DMV schedule appointments for a handicapped person to be given a non-driver’s license? Please contact me ASAP.

Also, if YES, then what is the COST to have a photo taken for a non-driver’s license? The individual just need an Official Photo ID for the Notary Public to sign and date legal documents.

A) In Connecticut, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is responsible for issuing non-driver’s licenses. It’s possible to obtain a non-driver’s license for an individual with a disability who is unable to drive. The non-driver’s license can be used as an official photo ID for legal documents.

To schedule an appointment at the Cheshire DMV, you can visit their website at and follow the instructions on the “Appointments” page. Alternatively, you can call the DMV’s customer service line at (860) 263-5700 to schedule an appointment.

As for the cost of obtaining a non-driver’s license, it may vary depending on the individual’s circumstances. It’s best to contact the DMV directly to inquire about any fees associated with obtaining a non-driver’s license.

I hope this information helps. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to ask!

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