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I want to take my motorcycle riding test, how do I take the test?

Q) I want to take my motorcycle riding test….i already have my permit….how do I take the test…do I just show up at my local dmv????
Please respond…

A) For most States, you can schedule your riding test on your state Department Of Motor vehicle website. Your riding examination involve testing your ability to handle a motorcycle. You do not drive on the road. The 3-wheel rider skills test is different than the 2-wheel rider skills test. The exercises may include:

Engine stall: This is scored during the entire test. Points are assessed each time you stall the engine during any exercise.
Cone weave: You must weave through a series of cones.
Right turn from a stop: You take off from a stop making an immediate right turn.
U-turn: You must make a left U-turn in a marked area.
Quick stop: You accelerate along a straight path. At the end of the path, which is marked by cones, you must stop your motorcycle as quickly and safely as possible.
Obstacle swerve: You accelerate along a straight path. At the end of the path which is marked by cones, you must swerve to avoid an obstacle line and then swerve again to avoid the sideline.

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