My drivers license was revoked in Illinois due to a DUI a second DUI

Q) My drivers license was revoked in Illinois due to a DUI a second DUI I was revoked for five years. My revocation time is up but I have relocated to Indiana and I’ve been here since 2019 I have an Indiana ID card even and I’ve been working here this whole time, I got my paperwork all filled out evaluation and then turned it all into the state. It’s been being processed since February 1. My question is I have a job opportunity to really make some money using my degree but I have to have my license and I’m just telling you this would pull me out of poverty and my children out of poverty we wouldn’t have to live like this , you know I I did wrong but I paid the price but I just didn’t know if you think I should come for a formal or informal hearing or do I need to wait till they say I have to have one I just I’m so desperate for this job I could get a letter from me then I didn’t know if I could get a hardship license. Somehow I just really hate to pass up this opportunity because it could change my whole life my kids everything you know I’m single and I’m just struggling and if I could use my degree if if I was to be reinstated and every day I just pray I’m reinstated. I will never risk anything ever again you know the pope get hurt in the public myself or anyone I’m telling ya I haven’t drove really in six years. That’s not a lie. I wouldn’t even say anything so I just really need to see if someone would help me figure out what I could do until Illinois get that revocation off because I do feel like I will get them back I mean I guess I might not but oh my gosh I I pray I get it I’m sure I’ll get them back but until then to get this job in the next couple weeks will there be anything I could do ? I’m so desperate and I am so lost and just I’m just so sorry I was so stupid and made those stupid choices but could you please call me because I do have some questions that may be just put me at peace. I do work all week but I will definitely take your call if I see you’re calling and I like I said would really really appreciate it. If you could call me I just have some questions and I’m just is really need to talk to someone please.

A) I’m sorry to hear about your situation, and I understand that you are feeling desperate for a solution. However I am not able to call you directly, but I can provide you with some information that may be helpful.

It’s important to note that even if your revocation period has ended, you may still need to go through the process of reinstating your driver’s license in Illinois before you can legally drive again. This process may include completing an alcohol/drug evaluation, attending treatment if recommended, and paying any required fees. Additionally, if you have relocated to Indiana, you may need to follow Indiana’s process for obtaining a driver’s license once your Illinois license is reinstated.

It’s also worth noting that hardship licenses are typically only granted in limited circumstances, such as for employment or medical reasons, and they may require a hearing or other legal process. I would recommend contacting the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to inquire about the possibility of obtaining a hardship license or to get more information about the reinstatement process. They should be able to provide you with more specific guidance based on your situation.

I hope this information is helpful, and I wish you the best in your efforts to regain your driver’s license and improve your situation.

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