I came here this morning and was screamed at by an employee for sitting in a chair she didn’t want me to sit in. Is there a chance the seating area can be labeled where people are allowed to sit so I can come here again and not be screamed at? Do you offer other DMVs in the area that I will not be screamed at?

A) I’m sorry to hear about your experience at the DMV. It’s important for customers to feel comfortable and welcome when visiting any establishment. While I don’t have specific information about the seating policies at the DMV, it’s a reasonable request to have designated seating areas clearly labeled to avoid any confusion or discomfort for visitors. Unfortunately, I don’t have information about alternative DMVs in your area where you can be assured of a positive experience. It might be helpful to directly contact the DMV or local government offices to inquire about their seating policies and any alternative locations available to you.

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