Safe Driver Checklist for Road Test

Starting the Vehicle:
Adjusts mirrors and seat. Fastens safety belt. Knows where the operating controls are located

Moving Forward:
Signals – Looks in mirrors and over shoulder before pulling into traffic. Uses two hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel.

Checks traffic (sees and reacts to hazards). Stops behind crosswalk or limit line.Stops without using accelerator at the same time.

Slows for turns. Begins and ends turns in the correct lane. Yields right of way when necessary. Accepts legal right of way when safe. Sees and reacts to hazards.

Checks mirrors. Looks over right and left shoulder as appropriate.

Changing Lanes:
Signals – Checks mirrors. Checks over shoulder to view blind spot. Changes lanes safely. Maintains speed.

Driving on the Freeway:
Checks traffic flow. Times entry into freeway. Checks mirrors and over shoulder before merging into traffic. Signals early and slows on exit ramp. Adjusts speed to road conditions.

Defensive Driving Techniques:
Checks mirrors before braking. Checks cross streets before passing. Checks signal lights and signs. Keeps eyes “moving”. Keeps a “space cushion” around the car. Follows at a safe distance.

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